Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Friday Ten

Technically, this is still my "Friday" so I'm not really that late. Just a little. Soon I will collapse into a sleep-deprived fetal ball, but until then...

We gotta rock.

This list is randomly selected from my "Heavy Shit" playlist so it may rock harder than usual...or just as hard.

1) Oasis - Puya (Spanish metal from Puerto Rico - Oasis is pronounced "Oh-Ah-Sis")
2) Red Colony - Sixty Watt Shaman (You might remember from this vid.)
3) Wishbone - Drop Box
4) 13 Angels-7 Days (Live) - Corrosion of Conformity
5) Among the Living - Anthrax
6) Unsung - Helmet
7) Dirthouse - Static X
8) Bullet With a Name - Nonpoint
9) Gor-Gor - GWAR (Gor-Gor comes and you must die)
10) Jihad - Slayer

Also can I just say how much I can't stand the new Korn stuff. It sounds...canned. Yeah, canned. Processed and packed with preservatives. I don't know what it's trying to be, but I don't like it!

Millions in the Bank, but Still Driving Drunk

I don't know if you heard this, but the CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker, was busted for DUI. Yeah, it's true. I saw it on the news.

It kind of bugs me when news of a notable person's DUI gets publicized. I once knew a guy who got three DUIs. You never saw him on the news.

Nah, he was just some dude who got three DUIs.

But then again, you have to wonder. Why was the CEO of an airline driving drunk? Why was he driving at all?

There was a little invention that came out not too long ago for rich people. It's called the limo. The only reason a CEO who's making millions should drive is because he wants to.

And say he was out partying, had a little too much to drink. He's not going to be like Joe Blow and say, "Oh, man, how am I going to get home? I can't afford a cab."

He's the CEO of a major airline! Cab fare for him is like a penny for the horsey ride at the grocery store for me and you, and that's for a cross-town trip with a hefty tip, too.

No limo, no cab. And he's driving himself. Only he's been drinking...

I guess the only thing that comes to mind is that he thought he could handle it. And most nights, he probably could. Unfortunately, that's giving Parker a little too much credit, because this is not his first foray into DUI territory. If he had a lifetime clean record, didn't drink so much, maybe...maybe I can see him thinking he wasn't too drunk to drive.

But after being busted once back in 91, and his "two other alcohol-related incidents," you have to assume that he had some kind of awareness that he was tempting fate.

I guess the question is, how long must you tempt fate before you become a victim of temptation?

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas. Sunny days. Palm trees. Walking around outside without a jacket. Comped drinks. Gourmet buffets. And a massage. Ah, it was good.

I wish I would have won a little bit more in my forays to gambling. As it stands, I'm a net loser. Imagine that.

A few things about my trip.

A cocktail waitress took my drink order while I was at a slot machine only to return fifteen minutes later without it, asking if I'd like a cocktail. Um, no. I did...but not anymore. And not from you!

With all the millions that flow through the doors of every Las Vegas casino, you would think they could hire better help. I suspect that they could, but then assholes like Steve Wynn couldn't stockpile loads of famous art to carelessly destroy.

Internet access should not cost $11.99 a day. Not even in Las Vegas. At those prices it becomes very easy to unplug. If it was left up to greedy Las Vegas hoteliers, the internet would have never caught on. It would have remained (as it was during the early days of AOL) a nearly useless novelty. Remember, greed is not always good. Sometimes it just sucks.

I didn't see any celebrities...even when I walked by Pure. I half expected to see Britney Spears passed out, Paris Hilton blowing some dude, and Lindsey Lohan shooting up speed balls. Or at least someone picking up their Super Bowl winnings.

Buffets are good.

Slot machines are bad.

Las Vegas is awesome.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Inanity From You Know Who

Before I get too far into today's rant, let me just say one thing. I'm not a violent person. Yes, I do listen to heavy metal music. Yes, I do enjoy punching the shit out of my punching bag. Yes, I love the sport of football. Yes, I'm more into action movies than romantic comedies. But I'm not a violent person.

However, with that said...If I ever come face to face with Michelle Malkin, I'm going to punch her.

No, I'm not just going to punch her; I'm going to knock her ass out.


She has the balls to slam my girl Lara Logan for supposedly using an Al Qaeda video in one of her reports. Says Malkin:
"She also deserves close scrutiny for agenda-driven reporting that some bloggers believe has incorporated uncredited Al-Qaeda propaganda."
First of all, Michelle Malkin slamming anyone for "agenda-driven reporting" is like Jenna Jameson slamming someone for making porn movies. It's beyond irony. It's beyond hypocrisy. It's patently ridiculous.

This guy sums it up pretty good, and Lara comes out smelling like roses:
“There is blatant hypocrisy on all sides on this issue,” says Danny Schechter, who edits “First, there is CBS which could be doing a much better job reporting the war, downplaying an important story by their own correspondent who felt forced to beg internally for help to get it seen. Then there’s the phony anti-America media baiting by Malkin who is quick to characterize others without admitting her own pro-war bias and then ignoring the fact that a terrorist video ran in full on a website she often appears on.”
So Michelle, you better hope that me and Lara don't run into you when we're out on the town. Cuz we're gonna jack your shit up!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Is it Just Me?

Is it just me, or is Jeff Gordon a little cock-eyed?

Is it just me, or did Nick Cannon steal Mr. T's bling? The watch must have come from Flavor Flav.Is it just me or is gay Vito a little too happy to see this guy?Is it just me or is this picture just gross?Ewww. We get the point. She's yours. Now get a room.Is it just me or does Prince look like a drag queen in this picture?

The Tour

This is where I work. We do in-theater advertising among other things. It's a good company to work for.

In 2005 (before my time here) we got an award for being a "Psychologically Healthy Workplace." After 9 years working for my previous employer, I had no idea there was such a thing as a "Psychologically Healthy Workplace" much less an award for it.

Since we're involved in the movie business, we have movie posters on the wall.
And we also have the occasional standee.

I almost crapped my pants the other day when I came winging around a corner and saw this.

This is my "cubicle." Notice the videowall. Right now I'm watching HDNet's Sunrise Earth.PS...this was going to be a more clever post than it is, but since it took me ALL FUCKING NIGHT to access the pics on Qwest's wireless website...let's just say I'm a little over it.

Thanks, Qwest, for making my life just a little more difficult than it needs to be. Oh, and thanks for laying me off, too. Now if only I could find a "psychologically healthy" phone provider...

Vegas Bound

After enduring nearly two months of unbearably cold temperatures and weekly snowstorms, I'm getting out of here tomorrow. I'm going to Vegas for a few nights, not to gamble, not for the night life or the strippers, but because it's going to be 70 degrees and there's no fricking snow!

Yeah, I'm done with this snow shit. A few days away from Antarctic Colorado might give me the strength to endure the rest of the season. Otherwise, I think I'm going to go crazy.