Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Key to Nothing

I was listening to some old mixed tapes at work today and I came across one that had this Mudvayne song on it.  I forgot how much I liked it, not only for its nihilistic message (which can be comforting in an ironic way) but also for its sound.  It’s one of those songs that builds, starting out kind of lost and slow, as if it were still figuring out where to go.  The verses are little more than repetitions of the same theme, underscored by an annoying squeal of dissonance and a stuttering drum track, but when the chorus kicks in, you can hear the rhythm find its direction, charging forth under a sustained blast of emotional intensity.  The last half of the song is the dramatic denouement, the release, the final battle, and since it’s representative of the power of the song, that’s the part that I have included here.  Here’s the lyrics.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Which Resort is Last?

The credibility of President Bush took another hit today when he decribed any military action against Syria as a "last resort." He said the same thing about Iraq almost immediately after 9-11. Considering how horribly inept his government's handling of Iraq has been, can this president's judgement on any kind of military option be trusted? Of course not.

Support the troops. Impeach Bush.