Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Alright, so Bush sucks. That's my opinion. I make no bones about it. But usually, when I say "Bush" I should say "the government" in most cases. Bush does a lot of stupid shit, sure, but he's got to put up with a unique experience that most people couldn't even comprehend. He is both a man and a symbol, most obviously, of the government. So here it goes. Bush sucks. The government sucks.

I finished The Closers this weekend, and it was decent. My complaints still stand, but there was a nice little (non-Bosch related) twist at the end. It seems almost too pat, too tacked on, but that's only because the book wasn't really fleshed out. It was mired in the details of the investigation, which a police procedural should be, but it didn't leave much room for character development. Dammit Connelly! Surely you can't be that tired of Bosch. Can't you mix him in like you did with A Darkness More Than Night or try something else with him? Don't just spit it out because you have a contract to fulfill. Sheeeeeeeit.

So speaking of good mysteries, I'm still putting the finishing touches on chapter one. I rolled with it and came back later to tighten it up, and now I have to end it with a bang. (So to speak.) I'll post the whole thing at a later date after I make more progress. In the mean time, I have to already be thinking Chapter Two.

And I still need a title....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day. I just got off the phone with my Dad, on his way to see Batman Begins (or Mr. and Mrs. Smith). He spent the day in Estes Park with my stepmom and said it was really cool. 72 degrees cool. With a mountain breeze. I bet it was wonderful.

Out here in Saudi Aurora, it was desert like conditions, hot, sunny, no breeze, no relief. The fact that I don't have air conditioning is exacerbated by the fact that I spent most of the day doing yard work. Due to neglect and a broken lawn mower, my lawn was knee-high and ready to seed (every cloud has a silver lining). I borrowed my neighbor's lawn mower and promptly broke it. I did manage to get the backyard mowed, but the alley and the front yard still suffer from overgrown grass. Hoping to accomplish something, I cleared all the weeds in the front yard, which is now ready for some double digging and amendment. By the end of the summer, it should be good turf instead of weeds. The wonders I've accomplished in my backyard attest to my capability.

Tomorrow will be another hot day, so a swimming trip is in the agenda. Oh yeah. A cool pool on a hot day. Now we're talking.