Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Prepared this weekend, but not posted till this morning:

Here’s another conservative piece, self-righteous tone and all, that had me laughing in the first paragraph. Here’s the quote: “We are in unsure times amid a controversial war. Yet the American people are not swayed by the universities, the major networks, the New York Times, Hollywood, the major foundations, and NPR. All these bastions of doctrinaire liberal thinking…” At that point, you can stop reading. It’s a shame because Victor Davis Hanson actually does a decent job of deconstructing why conservatives seem to have gained momentum on several important issues and liberals seem to have lost it. But come on, man…..really. Universities? The New York Times? Hollywood? NPR?????? At best, it’s an oversimplification, at worst it’s an outright distortion.

Last I checked, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have a few Oscars but very little influence or power. In fact, they have been widely lampooned and marginalized for their leftist views. And yet, the Republican governor of California is one of the world’s biggest movie stars. And the past president of the NRA, a traditional Republican ally, was also an adored movie star, famous for bible stories and ape movies.

These aren’t loud mouth celebrities using their publicity tours as a bully pulpit to spout off on whatever political gibberish they got from the Dalai Lama on their trip to Aspen. These are celebrities in actual positions of power. One is the head of the union’s most populous state, with life or death authority, and the other was in charge of a prominent lobbying organization.

So I have a proposal. Every time a conservative pundit sneers out a derisive comment about those liberals in Hollywood, they are to be severely tortured, executed, their corpses drawn and quartered, and their limbs dispatched to the 4 corners of the empire as an example to others. Sure, that’s a little harsh but this nonsense must end.