Sunday, January 09, 2005

Has it really been that long since I posted to my blog? I guess so. Almost a year???? A year?????? Oh one reads this thing anyway.

The election is over. Bush is still in charge. Iraq is still a mess. My how things change.

I've been on the fence recently, considering reactivating the blog, considering starting a new one, considering abandoning the effort altogether. Maintaining a blog appeals to a part of me, the part that feels like I have something to say but no forum to say it in. And yet, there is another part of me that disdains exercises in futility, knowing full well that I would lack either the discipline to keep it going or the readership to inspire my efforts.

And what would I write about? I'm no expert on any topic. I follow politics, but I'm not affiliated with any party, nor do I feel comfortable shilling for one side or the other. I don't have a product to market, nor do I have any special hobbies (like kayaking) to rave about. All I really have is myself, and do I really think that by the power of my personality I'll be able to sustain interest (even my own) in a blog?

These are questions I still haven't answered, but I'm not going to let that stop me. It's self-evident from this post that I have reactivated my blog, and though it remains as murky and formless as ever, I do have some ideas about which direction I'd like to take it. There are concepts for essays, which still need to be researched and written, that I will post here. One concerns the hubris of some bloggers who delude themselves into thinking that they are taking over the media. Another concerns the ridiculing of religion. These are not "safe" topics and I do not intend them to be "safe" essays. Someone's gonna get their feelings hurt, I guar-on-tee.

I also intend this to be a personal journal of sorts. I already have several "paper" journals, already typeset and spell-checked for posthumous publication, so there is not much demand in my life for another outlet in that vein. But there is a liberating sense to writing in a journal, the immediacy of raw thought, the freedom of being able to say whatever you want in whatever context you want, that I'd like to replicate here.

So with that said....let the blogging begin.....again.